A Curated Global Tour of Sustainable Farm to Table Dining Cuisine

Farm-to-table dining has become synonymous with honesty, the honesty of where ingredients are sourced, grown and prepared. The inherent traceability of the food on your plate is in equal parts intriguing and comforting. It is reassuring to know that the six-course tasting menu you enjoyed consisted of fresh ingredients gathered an hour ago from the next-door garden.

Both kitchens and consumers are becoming more curious about where their food comes from; farm-to-table dining is on the rise, with

Futuristic Qatar: Fusing Tradition & Modernity

Luxury, Culture and Adventure, the Emirate Qatar unveils one of the most futuristic States to its travellers

Where ultra-modern skyscrapers rise from desert sands and futuristic properties command the landscape, visitors can discover an enticing mélange of tradition and modernity characterising this fascinating country. As an ever-evolving trade centre and financial hub, the Middle-Eastern nation Qatar certainly sets the tone for conducting business and offers myriad opportunities to occupy you

Nathalie Dubois, The Queen of Celebrity Gift Lounges

‘I have gifted Jennifer Love Hewitt a baby elephant and luxury watches to Spike Lee,’ says Nathalie Dubois, selecting just two examples from the myriad celebrity interactions she has had at her luxury gifting suites. For the CEO of brand strategy execution platform Dubois Pelin and Associates this is nothing out of the ordinary, and with close friends including Sharon Stone and Viola Davis, how could it be? Beau Monde Traveler caught up with Nathalie to discuss her unique career and the stories

The Three Most Recent Additions to the UNESCO Cities of Literature

Be Amazed - From secret societies to sky-scraping libraries, these are some of the world’s most exciting literary cities.

Cities with a long-standing literary heritage act as a welcome refuge and vibrant meeting place for lovers of the written word. Worn cobbled streets, a genteel hush and towering shelves brimming with first editions may come to mind when thinking of a literary city. Still, modern hubs of creativity are challenging this image with lively events and critical technology.


Europe’s Best Luxury Spas for the Modern Gentleman

Underground bathing at a Spanish monastery, thalassotherapy by the Atlantic in Tenerife, and a traditional sauna experience in Switzerland – these are the best spas in Europe

A spa break is simply a no-brainer for a physical and emotional wellness reboot. Happily, Europe is home to more spas than you can shake a stick at, many featuring custom treatments and therapies for a holistic experience tailored to you. Expect hi-tech health analysis, rejuvenating hydrotherapies and baths, and plenty of

48 Hours in Nottingham, the Queen of the Midlands

A stroll through the cobbled streets of the former lace market presents the meeting of tradition and modernity that so defines Nottingham. The sun bounces off the jagged stones of the ancient St Mary’s Church and on to the gleaming walls of the Motorpoint Arena. This is a city characterised by change and adaptation, but that is grounded in history.

Nottingham is a city in the East Midlands region of England. It is famous for its extensive history, its innovation and the legend of Robin Hood. Th

Meet the Kretz Family: Pioneers in Luxury Real Estate

How do you go about promoting, negotiating and selling a €40m estate with more than fifty rooms? Just follow the lead of the Kretz family, who are pioneers in the world of luxury real estate.

According to Ernst & Young, family businesses are outpacing the global economy. They have been growing at nearly twice the rate of advanced economies, and this doesn’t seem to be slowing down. EY suggests that if f

The Magic of Collective Wellbeing: Mystic Kingdom – Bhutan I Discover

Discover a heavenly fusion of ritual, spirituality and community in this alpine wonderland

Bhutan is mostly uninhibited by the consumerist influences of the modern world, instead acting as an ever-evolving tapestry of culture and tradition. This famously serene and spiritual nation is an unhurried haven of history and ritual where staggering mountains invite adventure, and sheltered rivers inspire relaxation. Bhutan is the birthplace of the Gross National Happiness (GNH), a tool that measures t

The Charm of an Unspoilt Rendezvous – The Natural Spell of Comporta

As H.G Wells said, ‘the air of Portugal has a natural happiness in it, and the people of the country should be as happy and prosperous as any people in the world’. It’s a notion guests will appreciate as they arrive in Comporta. Little more than an hour’s drive from Lisbon, the town couldn’t be further from the bustle and noise of the capital city; here, sunshine drifts through the gently swaying pine trees, and

Thanda Island: The Ultimate Private Island Experience

Private islands are the epitome of luxury. It is no surprise that famous faces such as Tim McGraw, Johnny Depp and Shakira can often be found lounging on sandy sanctuaries of their own. Private islands are treasure troves of privacy, nature and opulence, where untouched vistas meet extravagant villas and attentive butlers await your every request. The value of these sought-after getaways is only driven by their scarcity and a private island is an escape that most can only dream of. However, Than

Hale Bob: Distinctive Dresses for Playful Personalities

There is something so alluring about a bold dress. It translates the wearer’s personality, confidence and character without so much as a word. In this case, the fabric speaks a thousand of them. Those wearing Hale Bob will find that their outfits precede them; admirers are able to glean the playful, adventurous, and sophisticated nature of the brand’s ambassadors as they stroll past. Hale Bob is characterised by distinctive patterns and bold shapes that are tied together by a consistent sense of

Thornbury Castle: Tudor Opulence in Rural Gloucestershire

To many visitors to the UK, a Tudor castle true to its original grandeur and décor is a unique find. For Brits, it’s not necessarily something out of the ordinary. The UK has a host of show-stopping historical sites and visiting a National Trust estate, or an English Heritage building is a pleasant – but not unusual – weekend activity. But few of these properties offer visitors the opportunity to stay overnight and fully immerse themselves within their walls. None offers an experience quite like

Reschio: A Historic Hideaway between Umbria and Tuscany

As Mary Shelley once said, ‘the name of Italy has magic in its very syllables’, a sentiment visitors begin to understand as they reach the perimeter of the grounds. A cool mist swells among the contours of the valley, the very same that has refreshed residents since the site’s conception during the Roman Empire. Thousands of years later, instead of a fierce fortification piercing the shroud, an elegant estate commands the landscape from atop a hill and looks out across the unblemished landscape.

Luxeco’s Alicia Sharpe on Her Favourite Luxury Sustainable Hotels

‘With me, it’s about a different kind of luxury’, explains Alicia, to whom ‘the luxury lies in the experience’. Instead of attentive butlers or über-modern properties, the director of Luxeco Holidays values the creation of lasting memories over anything else. Whether this be through an exhilarating safari adventure or simply learning about local customs, transformative experiences can be equally as gratifying as soaking in a state-of-the-art infinity pool. Beau Monde Traveler catches up with Ali

Peter Anderson is Knightsbridge Circle’s Fixer-of-Fabulous

‘I remember waking up one Saturday and one of our members wanted to buy a train’ to transport his family across the US, says Peter, the extravagance of the request not seeming to faze him. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the managing director of Knightsbridge Circle, Peter Anderson, who has flown a parrot on a private jet at the request of its owners as well as hand-delivered handbags to Singapore. The fixer-of-fabulous delivers elaborate benefits as part of Knightsbridge Circle’s pre-em

Where to Find Me: Unique and Boutique Hotels with Maz Green

Maz Green is constantly on the move. Only just back from a mammoth trip to Mexico, Jamaica and Las Vegas, she is already packing her bags for Japan, Italy and France. Adventure is always on the horizon and her popular social media profile Where to Find Me makes it clear that not only does she discover some of the world’s most exciting unique and boutique hotels along the way, but her followers also share a similar affinity for distinctive stays. From a bamboo paradise in Ubud to embracing the ba

Restaurant Tim Raue: Asian-Inspired Delicacies in the Heart of Berlin

Throughout the centuries and across the world, many cultures have taken inspiration from animals, and this practice is continued by Restaurant Tim Raue, which is represented by the hummingbird and the koi. The Berlin eatery’s guiding philosophy revolves around the cornerstones of freedom, creativity and uniqueness – qualities reminiscent of the hummingbird – and strength, perseverance and ambition inspired by the koi. These behaviours set the tone for the restaurant’s food, service and overall d

Five of the World’s Most Alluring Sustainable Stays

Online searches for ‘sustainable travel’ have been rapidly increasing over the past few years with more than 80% of travellers actively seeking more eco-friendly options for their next holiday. Sustainable stays are springing up all over the world and often offer guests a delicious proximity to nature otherwise neglected by many urban properties. Holidaymakers are discovering an exciting new dimension to tourism as we know it that is here to stay. To many, however, the words luxury and sustainab

Emyr Thomas’ Bon Vivant: London’s Most Personal Travel Concierge Service

At any given moment, Emyr Thomas is probably chatting with a client on his personal number, attending an in-person meeting with a supplier overseas, or liaising directly with the general manager of a hotel. The travel curator and founder of Bon Vivant lives and breathes his business and clients are invited to enjoy what is perhaps London’s most personal travel concierge service – they can speak directly with him at any time of day (or night). ‘I would like to say 24/7, but I do sleep sometimes’,

Midsummer House: The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Cambridge

Midsummer House was built at the end of the 19th century as a private residence and has been home to dog breeders, dressmakers, artists and needleworkers. However, nearly 150 years after its construction, the Victorian villa has taken on a new set of occupants: world-class chefs. Opened in 1998 by chef patron Daniel Clifford, Midsummer House has become known as the ‘best fine dining restaurant in Cambridge’ and still exudes the civilised charm of its heyday as a lavish country home. Backed by th
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