Midsummer House: The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Cambridge

Midsummer House was built at the end of the 19th century as a private residence and has been home to dog breeders, dressmakers, artists and needleworkers. However, nearly 150 years after its construction, the Victorian villa has taken on a new set of occupants: world-class chefs. Opened in 1998 by chef patron Daniel Clifford, Midsummer House has become known as the ‘best fine dining restaurant in Cambridge’ and still exudes the civilised charm of its heyday as a lavish country home. Backed by th

Liquidrom: One of Berlin’s Most Unique Spa Offerings

Sound can lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and encourage tranquillity. The sound of water has long been considered highly relaxing and has been proven to ease the fight or flight response. Liquidrom – it’s in the name – is characterised by this idea of relaxation through water. However, this wellness facility challenges typical perceptions of a spa. Described as ‘a paradise of warmth, water and music,’ Liquidrom is a haven of tranquillity in the German capital.

In the midst of central Berlin

Koks: The World’s Best Remote Restaurant

Growing crops on the Faroe Islands is a Sisyphean task; the Atlantic lashes relentlessly at the treeless islands. Every inch of the rugged terrain is veiled in green but cultivating food is nearly impossible. Nonetheless, it is here that Johannes Jensen launched Koks, the world’s best remote restaurant. A recent move to Greenland has made this widely acclaimed eatery all the more alluring.

Standing proud on the craggy shoreline of Greenland’s UNESCO World Heritage Ilulissat Icefjord is Ilimanaq

Exploring Iceland’s Rejuvenating Geothermal Spas

The use of geothermal baths for therapeutic purposes is clearly nothing new. There is evidence from tens of thousands of years ago during the Neolith Age when nomadic tribes used thermal pools as relief from the frigid winters. The Greeks and Romans used volcanic baths for health reasons and especially after battle to promote the healing of their wounds. Later the Turks would clean and purify their bodies in hammams while the Japanese soaked in Onsen, their healing and spiritual thermal baths. T

I am the Earth: Stories From the Southern Edge of the World

Amid the champagne bubbles, the neon-lit surroundings and the buzz of anticipation, there is a feeling of achievement, of hope. The determination and excitement of attendees are palpable. In March, climate activists, influencers, writers and dignitaries gathered on the plush red sofas of the Everyman Cinema in Kings Cross for a VIP screening of I am the Earth: Stories From the Southern Edge of the World. This is the urgent and riveting story of Chilean citizens paving the way to a more sustainab

Iceland's Most Etherial Escape: The Northern Light Inn

As you drive in from the Keflavik airport or the capital city of Reykjavik, you begin to understand. There is a sea of lumpy and jagged rocks and moss as far as the eye can see. These odd shaped rock formations are spotted with what appears to be seaweed which is actually mold-colored moss. It looks more like the surface of the moon or from another planet than anything most have ever seen on earth. These are the lava fields of Iceland and because of their inhabitable makeup, little development o

El Chiringo: Boho-Chic Dining in Uruguay

Where a modest fisherman’s settlement once sprawled across the sands – without electricity or even running water – an elegant and commanding seaside resort has become a magnet for international jetsetters. The beachside town of José Ignacio offers an upscale yet relaxed escape that attracts travellers from all over the world; it has earned the nickname ‘The Hamptons of Uruguay’ being to Argentinians what the Long Island getaway is to New Yorkers. With inviting stretches of wide, sandy beaches an

La Wandereuse: Luxury Travel Influencer Asha Sardar

Helicoptering over Niagara Falls, stargazing at the Glen Oro Eco-Retreat in Canada, exploring natural sinkholes in Tulum, and lounging at the ​​Hamilton Princess Beach Club in Bermuda are just some of the experiences that travel influencer Asha Sardar has under her belt. Her 50,000 followers can travel vicariously through her striking Instagram feed as they seek inspiration for their own trips. Originally from Toronto, Asha has grown her following into a loyal fanbase of like-minded travellers a

Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort: A Tranquil Escape In Ireland

In an increasingly fast-paced world, it is important to occasionally step back from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a moment to breathe and experience a moment of ​​suaimhneas, or tranquillity in Gaelic. Seafield Hotel & Spa Resort is a champion of wellness and relaxation where guests are encouraged to exchange the commotion of the outside world for a more peaceful experience. Situated between the calming shores of Ballymoney Beach and the verdant forests of the Irish countryside

Eat, Wear And Travel With Elena Sandor

A self-proclaimed ‘dinosaur’, Elena Sandor has been a digital content creator for more than 16 years. Having run a successful cooking blog for seven years, her dreams came together in 2013 in the form of Eat Wear Travel, the ultimate destination for travel, lifestyle, beauty, and parenting content. ‘I transformed a passion into a full-time job; that’s the goal and that’s the dream,’ she says. Elena worked tirelessly to build her social media presence, including her Instagram account, which has g

Palé Hall: Wales' Luxury Country House Hotel

Famous for its sensational natural beauty, Wales’ rolling hills, majestic peaks, enchanting woodlands and picturesque valleys are generously sprinkled across the landscape. A vivid blanket of greenery covers the land here, stretching towards the horizon as it undulates over the crests and troughs of neighbouring Snowdonia National Park. Aside from twittering birdsong and tinkling streams, all is quiet at Palé Hall. At the edge of Snowdonia stands a quiet retreat where you can indulge in fine cui

The Deauville American Film Festival: a Cinéphile's Paradise

As the late French-Swiss film director Jean-Luc Godard once put it, ‘cinema is something between art and life’. The unique magic of film combines elements of abstraction and reality, but no one quite knows the formula. Perhaps we will never find out exactly where cinema lies on Godard’s scale because it transcends the ordinary and the expected – but we will never stop trying. The Deauville American Film Festival is where directors, writers, actors and cinéphiles come together to explore this ine

Another Place: The Lake District's Ultimate Relax and Play Resort

They say that spending time in ‘green spaces’ can provide health benefits across the board. From improving mental health to increasing life expectancy, it’s easy to see why. Here at Another Place, you can let nature do the leg work; float on the smooth surface of Ullswater or gaze at the stars from within a Dark Sky reserve and you’ll soon be feeling the soothing magic of Another Place. The area sings with the promise of a tranquil escape.

Another Place is a relaxed and contemporary hotel situa
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