The Deauville American Film Festival: a Cinéphile's Paradise

As the late French-Swiss film director Jean-Luc Godard once put it, ‘cinema is something between art and life’. The unique magic of film combines elements of abstraction and reality, but no one quite knows the formula. Perhaps we will never find out exactly where cinema lies on Godard’s scale because it transcends the ordinary and the expected – but we will never stop trying. The Deauville American Film Festival is where directors, writers, actors and cinéphiles come together to explore this ine

Another Place: The Lake District's Ultimate Relax and Play Resort

They say that spending time in ‘green spaces’ can provide health benefits across the board. From improving mental health to increasing life expectancy, it’s easy to see why. Here at Another Place, you can let nature do the leg work; float on the smooth surface of Ullswater or gaze at the stars from within a Dark Sky reserve and you’ll soon be feeling the soothing magic of Another Place. The area sings with the promise of a tranquil escape.

Another Place is a relaxed and contemporary hotel situa
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